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XM Cloud - One-Click deploy to Vercel

If you want to learn more about XM Cloud, and how to create a project/site on XM Cloud. Read my articles about XM Cloud here.

Steps to deploy your XM Cloud site to Vercel

  1. Go to the XM Cloud Deploy App:

  2. Under projects, navigate to your project, and click on View project.

  3. For this feature to work, we have to enable a feature that is currently in Beta on XM Cloud.

  4. Click on the gear icon on the top right corner of your Header, to open Settings.

  5. Enable the Environment Details under Experimental Features, and close the Settings window.

    XM Cloud - Enable Environment Details

  6. Now, you will be able to click on your environment. Click on your environment name to open the environment details.

    XM Cloud - Open your project

  7. In the environment details, click on Setup Hosting.

    XM Cloud - Setup Hosting

  8. In the pop-up that opens, you can change your Project Name as you need. Select a Vercel installation or click on Create a new Vercel installation.

    XM Cloud - Vercel Installation Popup

  9. If you click on Create a new installation, you will be redirected to Vercel. On the page that opens, click on Add Integration.

    XM Cloud - Vercel Sitecore XM Cloud Integration

  10. Select your Vercel account and remember to provide access to All Projects. This is necessary for XM Cloud to be able to create a new site on Vercel.

  11. Once Vercel Integration is installed, you can close that tab.

  12. You will now be able to see your Vercel account on the pop-up that opened earlier.

    XM Cloud - Select Vercel Account

  13. Select your Vercel account and click on Save.

  14. This will create a host for your site on Vercel. But, if you click on it, you will be redirected to a 404 Error as we still have to deploy our site to Vercel.

  15. Click on the Publish button to deploy your website to Vercel.

    XM Cloud - Publish to Vercel

  16. Once the Publish is complete, you will be able to access your site.

    XM Cloud - Site deployed to Vercel

Happy Sitecoring!!

Published Nov 21, 2022

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