.NET Core

Configure Dependency Injection for .NET Core with Lamar

Lamar is a fast IoC container heavily optimized for usage within ASP.Net Core and other .Net server-side applications. The successor to the venerable StructureMap library, the original IoC tool for .Net. This article describes an efficient way to configure and use Lamar for Dependency Injection for a .NET Core solution.


Configure Dianoga for a Sitecore solution

Dianoga is an automatic image optimizer for the Sitecore media library. Reduce the size of your images served from Sitecore by 8-70%, completely automatically. Dianoga is built and maintained by Kam Figy.


SXA CLI - Error 403.0 when deploying themes

When working with SXA CLI to deploy a theme to the Sitecore Environment, I observed a 403.0 Error on Powershell. The error had the content 'IIS 10.0 Detailed Error - 403.0 - The request could not be completed because the service is disabled'.

Sitecore 10

Sitecore XP 10 Installation with SIA to a different folder

Step by Step guidelines to install Sitecore 10 with the help of Sitecore Installation Assistant (SIA), to a different folder than the default web-root.