Sitecore CDP

Gatsby Plugin for Sitecore CDP

I am excited to present you with a plugin to connect Sitecore CDP with a Gatsby site. Gatsby is a React-based open-source framework with built-in performance, scalability, and security. The site you are reading this article on is also built with Gatsby. Gatsby offers a plugin architecture, through which you can connect to various headless technologies with only the configuration. This plugin connects your Gatsby site to Sitecore CDP and tracks the views throughout the site, without any code.


How to get your Sitecore Partner License?

I woke up today to see the yellow screen of death, with a message saying Required License is missing: Sitecore.Runtime. The issue was simple, my Sitecore License had expired and I had to only download the renewed license. This article describes how you can download your Sitecore Partner License.


SXA - Functions with Scriban

While building rendering variants with Scriban for a Sitecore Experience Accelerator(SXA) solution, there are several times when we have to repeat the same code again and again. This article explains how we can build functions in Scriban templates which we can reuse.


Sitecore Powershell Extensions - Writing your Console Logs to a File

Whenever running Powershell Scripts on SPE, I have to copy the whole logs on the Console to keep a record of the execution. This becomes a problem when there is too much content on the logs. This article explains a solution to log all your Console logs to a file instead of the SPE console which you can use as documentation.