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XM Cloud - Create your first site

If you want to learn more about XM Cloud, and how to create a project on XM Cloud. Read my article about Getting started with XM Cloud here.

Steps to create your XM Cloud site

  1. Go to the XM Cloud Deploy App:

  2. Under projects, navigate to your project, and click on View project.

  3. Open the XM Cloud Launchpad for your project.

    Link to XM Cloud Launchpad for your project

  4. Go to the Sites tab, and click on Add your first website.

    XM Cloud - Add your first website

  5. You can either create an empty site or use a template. As of now, there is only one template called Basic Site. I will be choosing this template for the example.

    XM Cloud - New site - Choose template

  6. Provide a proper site name, and click on Create website.

    XM Cloud - New Site - Site Configuration

  7. The site will now start building. In about 2 minutes, the site will be ready.

    XM Cloud - Create Site - Site Build

  8. Once the site is ready, you can click on the Site to open it in Pages. Or you click on options and select Edit in Pages.

    XM Cloud - Create Site - Edit Site in Pages

  9. Pages is a modern WYSIWYG editor, exclusive to XM Cloud. The interface is similar to Horizon.

    XM Cloud - Create Site - Pages

  10. Your site is now created and ready for use.

Happy Sitecoring!!

Published Nov 21, 2022

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